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    Stockpile Reports delivers accurate stockpile volume, tonnage and pile locations using an Apple® iPhone® 5/5C/5S/6 device via the Stockpiles iPhone App. Collect data for each stockpile in minutes, for materials ranging from sand and gravel piles, to woodchips and debris.

  • Stockpile Measurement - Intertek

    Bulk stockpile measurement inventory services. Intertek experts measure and quantify dry bulk inventory stockpiles, such as coal and petroleum coke, using advanced laser surveying technology. Laser surveying provides faster stockpile measurement times, better accuracy, and real time results.


    INDIANA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION MATERIALS AND TESTS DIVISION ... 7.5 Stockpile location, stockpile identification, and test results shall be maintained at the ACBF slag source and shall be available for inspection. ... pH measurement, the 100 mL .

    Stockpile Measurement

    Arch Aerial LLC operates both drones and ground based LiDAR platforms in order to capture 3D models of stockpiles. We then process the data in-house and deliver it to our customers in a timely manner. No longer do our customers have to rely on outdated techniques, but .

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    Welcome to Stockpile Reports User Name Password Login Forgot your Password? Are you an SR Lite App user? Contact sales to upgrade your account for access to the web portal. ...

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    DroneView Technologies focuses on Stockpile Volumetric Measurement where the benefits of using dr DroneView Technologies is a leading drone services company, who works with enterprise customers throughout the United States - collecting, processing and extracting real value out of drone derived data.

  • Measuring stockpile volumes with a drone | Pit & Quarry

    Aggregate producers, mining companies, landfill operators and others in various trades all have a need to accurately and safely measure their stockpile volumes on a regular basis – annually, quarterly, monthly and sometimes daily.

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    Calculator - Volume of a Rectangular Pile. The calculator below can be used to calculate volume and mass of a rectangular pile.

  • Mine Surveyor - Stockpile Monitoring (Open-cut Mine ...

    When coal is mined it is generally stored in a temporary stockpile. Depending on demand levels it may be stored in a ROM (run of mine) or dump station prior to being transferred to the wash plant (or coal handling preparation plant) for preparation for leaving site.

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    CDC's Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) is a federally funded program designed to enhance preparedness in the nation's largest population centers, where nearly 60% of the population resides, to effectively respond to large public health emergencies needing .

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    Fluke Corporation. Keeping your world up and running.® Leader in test and measurement software. Fluke Corporation is the world leader in professional electronic test tools and software for measuring and condition monitoring.

  • Polk Drones, LLC - Stockpile Measurement - Polk Drones ...

    Stockpile Volumetric Measurement Accurately measuring stockpile volumes historically has been a complicated, time consuming, costly and labor-intensive process, oftentimes subject to significant variances and unreliable accuracy.

  • Online Smart Sensor to Measure Stockpiles used in Mineral ...

    Stockpile measurement, Smart sensor, Soft sensor. I. CHALLENGES OF STOCKPILE MEASURES . LOT of efforts have been made in the development of measurement requires more precision, instrument level measurement for stockpiles, used commonly in mining/mineral processing and cement industries. ...

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    Indiana basketball coach Archie Miller previews his team's upcoming game against Southern Indiana. Published 2h at 4:50 AM . ... Let's illuminate beyond measure! By . Published October 30, 2018 at 8:34 PM . WAVE 3 News Editorial - October 25, 2018: Limiting School Suspensions.

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    The ORR is designed to measure public, In conjunction with the CDC's Division of Strategic National Stockpile, the ISDH collaborates with the Indiana . [Live .

  • Confinement Dry Manure Stockpiling Regulations

    Confinement Dry Manure Stockpiling Regulations Definitions ... Long-term stockpile location is an area ... An animal unit is defined as a measurement based upon the product of multiplying the number of animals of each category by a special equivalency factor as listed above. As an example,


    LiDAR implementation for stockpile volume measurement A number of LiDAR manufacturers have introduced ... Indiana, US, trialled an automated stockpile monitoring solution to improve operational efficiency, contractor accountability and site monitoring. Using the 3DRi stockpiles solution, they were

  • Stockpile Measurement Services | Inspectifly LLC

    Stockpile Measurement The result is an accurate 3D map, that allows easy measurement of stockpile inventory volumes. "Stockpile Measurement made simple with the power of .

  • Stockpile Volume Measurement Using Laser Technology - YouTube

    Mar 29, 2011· Using a TruPulse laser rangefinder with a built-in compass and Laser Technology's MapSmart software + Volumetrics, capturing accurate stockpile volumes can be .

  • Here's What Graziers Do In August – Stage Forage, Prep ...

    August often seems to arrive too early and speeds by way too fast. Mentally to me, August 1 st starts the countdown to the first frosty morning. That time frame, depending on where you are in Indiana, is generally 60-75 days.

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    Please use this calculator to select which product you would like to calculate the total tonnage estimated for your project. You will need the length, width and depth of your project space to be able to get your estimated tonnage calculation.

  • North Dakota county puts drone to work for stockpile ...

    Drone technology is making certain tasks safer and easier for the Ward County Highway Department.The department acquired an Unmanned Aerial System device primarily for use in measuring stockpiled road materials, such as gravel and millings.

  • DLA Strategic Materials - Defense Logistics Agency

    Strategic Materials is responsible for acquiring, upgrading, rotating, and disposing of stockpile materials as provided by the Annual Materials Plan (AMP). Our duties include storage, security, testing, contracting, quality studies, and maintenance and replacement of materials in the NDS.

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    Contact Us. Let us help you find the best way to try Stockpile Reports for your business. We'll learn more about your site, your resources, and your goals to recommend the fastest way to evaluate and set up your trial. Please fill out the form below or call us at +1 .

  • State and Province News - aggman

    Kespry integrates DJI into drone lineup for stockpile measurement. ... State and Province News. Therese Dunphy. February 3, 2015. ... Indiana A day after Rogers Group withdrew its quarry proposal from the Tippecanoe Board of Zoning Appeals, it filed a lawsuit against the county, naming the county, county commissioners, the zoning board, the ...

  • Finally, A List of Public RTK Base Stations in the U.S ...

    Indiana – Indiana ... Kespry, DJI offer stockpile measurement solution for mining; Propeller Aero and DJI join on PPK drone solution; ... and as editor of Geospatial Solutions monthly newsletter for GPS World's sister site Geospatial Solutions, which focuses on GIS and geospatial technologies.

  • [APP] Know Exactly How Much Stockpiled Material You Have ...

    The Stockpile Reports mobile app is part of a measurement system requiring an annual subscription. The Stockpile measuring system features various pricing plans that are based on customer's ...

  • Pix4D - Volume measurement on snow covered stockpile

    Dec 18, 2016· Pix4D - Volume measurement on snow covered stockpile Issue - Volume measurements of stockpiles are off by 5-10% (volume lower when measuring after a snowfall, about 2 inches) Images captured with Phantom 3 PRO.

  • App opens door for digital stockpile measurements | Pit ...

    Then they record the stockpile while walking the perimeter of it. Stockpile size doesn't matter, Boardman said. Based on data, it takes about two minutes, 13 seconds to measure small piles (0 to 1,000 tons) and about seven minutes, 11 seconds to measure large piles (piles 30,000-plus tons).

  • DLA Strategic Materials - Defense Logistics Agency

    Official website of the Defense Logistics Agency. Our Purpose DLA Strategic Materials is the leading U.S. agency for the analysis, planning, procurement and management of .

  • Laser Technology - Stockpile Volumes

    Typical Stockpile Measurement Procedure: Walk around the pile, temporarily marking instrument points that will afford full coverage of the surface. Choose a starting point, set up and configure the LTI MapStar system or TruPulse laser with the MapSmart software.